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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics (also referred to as dentofacial orthopedics) is a specialized form of dentistry focusing on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities.

At what age should a child first see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children come in for an evaluation no later than the age seven. Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct if detected early, and in some cases, treatment may mean that a patient will avoid jaw surgery later in life.

My teeth have been crooked for many years – why should I have orthodontic treatment now?

It’s never too late! Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Orthodontic treatment can restore good function, and teeth that work better usually look better, too. A healthy, beautiful smile can improve self-esteem, no matter the age.

Why is orthodontics important for people?

Orthodontics can boost a person’s self-image and self-esteem. A perfected smile is only one of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. If you don’t receive the necessary orthodontic treatment, it may result in speech impairments, tooth loss, chipped teeth, and other dental injuries.

Can I afford orthodontic treatment?

Absolutely! At Fayetteville Orthodontics, we offer a variety of convenient options, including financing options with $0 down payment, zero percent interest, and no fees.

I don’t want braces that show. What are my options?

There are many options to minimize the appearance of braces, including options such as Invisalign® and clear braces. Some of today’s wires are made of “space age” materials that exert a steady, gentle pressure on the teeth, so that the tooth-moving process may be faster and more comfortable for patients.

Do teeth with braces need special care?

Yes, Patients with braces must be careful to avoid hard, sticky, chewy, and crunchy food. They must also try to avoid chewing on hard objects, such as pens, pencils, or fingernails. Keeping your teeth and braces clean requires more precision and time, and must be done every day if the teeth and gums are to be healthy during and after orthodontic treatment. Clean, healthy teeth move more quickly.

I see ads for perfect teeth in only one or two visits to the dentist. Will that give me straight teeth?

Quick-fix veneers temporarily cover crooked teeth. Teeth straightened by an orthodontist are good for life.

I am pregnant and want to begin orthodontic treatment. Is this OK?

Pregnancy brings on bodily changes that may affect the mouth. Soft tissues such as gums become much more susceptible to infection. Discuss this question with your medical practitioner/physician and orthodontist before you start orthodontic treatment.

Can I play sports while wearing braces?

Yes, but it’s important that you wear a protective mouth guard to keep your teeth safe.

Will braces interfere with playing musical instruments?

With practice and a period of adjustment, braces typically do not interfere with the playing of wind or brass instruments.

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